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We are a manufacturing company with more than 119-year tradition. Each year we invest considerable resources in further development. We are not indifferent to our surroundings and the nature. The quality of our products and services, as well as a satisfied customer is our priority. Find your advantage in the chapter "Ten Advantages of cooperation with GRANITOL".


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In the course of its long history, the GRANITOL company has gone through several production periods, starting from the production of artificial suede leather, roller blinds, floor coverings, artificial leathers, and welded furnishings, through the production of hoses and pipes for vacuum cleaners, up to the production of mock-up products (PVC on paper and textiles).

From the 1960s, when the first blow moulding line was acquired, GRANITOL gradually started to focus primarily on the production of PE films and subsequently became a leader in this segment in the home trade and an important player on the European market. Thanks to the focus on innovations and technological development, the experience acquired, and the emphasis placed on quality, GRANITOL is today the biggest producer of PE films and PP strapping bands in the Czech Republic.

The GRANITOL company has been dealing with the production of blown PE films for more than 50 years. Its long-term product research and development have brought a number of well-known brands with a guarantee of quality, such as Mikroten®, Granoten®, Flexoten®, Sepaten®, Perfoten®, or Hygiten®, to the attention of professionals and the general public. In the production of PP bands the Granoflex® band has established itself on the market. The brand name Mikroten® has become a generic name for HDPE films.

The priority of the company is continuous development and improvement. Every year considerable resources are invested into more modern and more efficient machinery equipment. Our readiness to meet the demands of our clients is supported by the tests carried out in the company’s laboratory, which is equipped with modern test devices. Measurements in the laboratory are taken within the scope of the in-process control and check-out of product’s quality.

The company’s range of products represents thousands of items of mono-layer and multi-layer films on the basis of all kinds of PE, PP strapping bands, and final products made of PE films (sacks, bags, carrier bags, sheets). A considerable part of the films is printed with prints of up to 8 colours according to the client’s graphic assignment. At client’s request the range of products is continuously expanded by new dimensions and products with specific qualities, additives and penetration, surface treatments, and print variants.

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