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A great variety of films and packaging is applied in most industrial, agricultural and trade sectors. We produce films for food industry, for packaging of consumer goods, films for production of hygienic disposables. For construction and agriculture, we produce palletizing films, building films and cover films. We supply printed and unprinted bags and advertising carrier bags for the advertising industry, and trade companies. Across all sectors, our PP strapping bands find their use.


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BIO Bags and Films

100% decomposable, produced from corn starch

Ecology and sustainable development are among the hottest topics of industry, business and the daily life of every household.

BIO bags and films produced by GRANITOL are products that promote this topic 100%. They are produced from renewable resources such as polylactic acid (PLA) extracted from corn starch. BIO bags and films are compostable indeed. It means that if the bag or film is exposed to a humid environment with bacteria present, the process of biodegradation takes place naturally. The film not only disintegrates, it decomposes into substances which enter into the natural circulation of nutrients. Hence, the products meet the requirements for composting.

With the above-mentioned qualities, these compostable bags (unlike ordinary polyethylene bags) can be used in two ways. Firstly, the product can be used as a standard carrier bag (for transporting goods, as a promotional tool), as long as it is handled in a dry environment. Secondly, it can be used for biodegradable waste collection at home or in the garden (vegetable, grass, weed, etc.). The BIO bag filled with biodegradable waste can be placed into containers for biodegradable waste or composted in one's own garden. A bag with waste only needs to be covered with organic material – compost.

minimum production quantity is 50.000 pieces of bags

Advantages of BIO bags and films

  • 100% compostable, produced from natural renewable resources, environmentally-friendly (full decomposition to water and carbon dioxide)
  • contains no petroleum products
  • two ways to use: 1) carrier bag, 2) wrapping for biodegradable waste collection and disposal
  • hygienic handling of biodegradable waste
  • better appearance and mechanical properties than those of ordinary polyethylene bags
  • common surface treatment is possible (print, punching, perforation)
  • suitable for long-term storage
  • effective marketing tool with up-to-date communicative idea (ecology and sustainable development)
BIO Bags and FilmsBIO Bags and Films


  • carrying and handling of a wide range of goods
  • various advertising and publicity campaigns


  • carrier bags with reinforced patch handles
  • carrier bags with flexible loop handles
  • loose or blocked bags
  • T-shirt bags
  • film, film double winding
  • tubular film, tubular film with side gussets
  • semi-tubular film, semi-tubular film with side gussets

Bags with Reinforced Patch Handles

  • width: 255 – 650 mm
  • length: 360 – 570 mm
  • bottom gusset width: 40 – 60 mm
  • thickness: 0,045 – 0,070 mm
  • carrying capacity: 5 kg

Bags with Flexible Loop Handles

  • width: 310 – 550 mm
  • length: 390 – 500 mm
  • bottom gusset width: 40 – 60 mm
  • thickness: 0,040 – 0,070 mm
  • carrying capacity: 7 kg


  • width: 100 – 1200 mm
  • length: 240 – 730 mm
  • thickness: from 0,025 mm

T-shirt Bags and Blocked Bags

  • width: 220 – 330 mm
  • length: 380 – 680 mm
  • thickness: from 0,025 mm

Tubular Film

  • thickness of all variants: from 0,025 mm
  • width of film: 170 – 1550 mm
  • width of tubular film: 500 – 1600 mm
  • width of semi-tubular film: 250 – 1550 mm
  • width of semi-tubular film and tubular film with side gussets: 1000 – 3200 mm

Cores (films, tubular films, semi-tubular films)

  • paper cores with inside Ø 77 mm

Outside Winding Diameter (films, tubular films, semi-tubular films)

  • max. 1000 mm

Roll Weight (films, tubular films, semi-tubular films)

  • 15 – 500 kg

Surface Treatment

  • print – flexographic print up to 8 colours (minimum production quantity is 50 000 pieces of bags)
  • perforation
  • punching


individual pieces of products are packed in cartons, rolls are placed on a pallets, protected and fixed with stretch film or palletising bag


100% environmentally-friendly compostable product which is decomposed after use into naturally-beneficial substances

Contact with foodstuffs

in the uncoloured variant, suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs; when coloured, suitable only up to the pigment concentration limit fixed by the producer

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