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A great variety of films and packaging is applied in most industrial, agricultural and trade sectors. We produce films for food industry, for packaging of consumer goods, films for production of hygienic disposables. For construction and agriculture, we produce palletizing films, building films and cover films. We supply printed and unprinted bags and advertising carrier bags for the advertising industry, and trade companies. Across all sectors, our PP strapping bands find their use.


Cover Films for All Purpose Application

Cover films usually serve as protection against weather conditions and against contamination in household, agriculture, building industry or hobby activities etc. Cover films can not be reliably connected with glue or can be welded by heat.

When cover films are exposed to weather conditions, UV radiation can cause degradation and unwanted change of film properties. It is possible to prolong the life cycle of cover film through UV additive; we recommend consulting this modification with the agent at ordering.

Cover films are made of LDPE under the registered trade name GRANOTEN®. Temperature stability is in the range –50 °C up to +85 °C. The films are resistant against most common chemical substances at normal and high temperature; they are moisture resistant and have good electro-insulating properties. It is necessary to protect the cover film from sharp objects and from the effect of radiant heat.

Cover Films for All Purpose ApplicationCover Films for All Purpose Application


  • protection and packaging of large objects
  • in agriculture and building industry
  • greenhouse film
  • simple isolation against moisture


  • natural or in black colour
  • other colours according to the customer´s requirement
  • cover film folded or wound on rolls


  • standard variant 5 and 6 m


  • 4 - 36 m (rate to width max. 6:1)


  • 0,100 - 0,200 mm

Surface Treatment

  • simple print of recycling sign or logo


cover films can be folded into cartons or wound on rolls and packed in PE sheet, then put on a pallet, protected and fixed with palletising bag


unobjectionable for environment, recyclable, films can be deposited in dumps or combusted – no harmful substances appear

Contact with Foodstuffs

unobjectionable for health, but not advised for direct contact with foodstuffs

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