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Oxo-biodegradable Films

Oxo-biodegradable Films

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An essential element for the production of environmental friendly films is represented by oxo-biodegradable additives (OBP), which change the behaviour of plastic films so that they gradually degrade, or "disintegrate". Additives thus help to accelerate the life cycle of the main material. Plastic films manufactured using OBP additives degrade under conditions of exposure to solar UV radiation, moisture, and mechanical pressure. Oxo-biodegradable additives (OBP) can be added to the production of HDPE and LDPE films.

Important characteristics of the OBP technology

  • Material can be "programmed" to provide a different film lifespan, depending on the requirements of the product. A lifespan from 3 to 12 months can be chosen. The oxo-degradation process begins at the moment of commencement of the effects described above, of mechanical and physical effects on the film or a product made from it. So for example, ecological bags, stored in their original packaging (in their box) are not subject to degradation. The process of degradation starts at the time of unpacking, then under the action of daylight, mechanical stress, and moisture - a common way to use bags.
  • Films with OBP additives can be processed in the same way and with the same production equipment as ordinary polyethylene films.
  • The technology is compatible with all methods used for landfilling, composting, recycling, and incineration.
  • OBP polymers are environmentally friendly. The final products after their degradation are CO2, water, and minerals. The oxo-biodegradation of OBP does not produce methane and does not leave fragments of plastics in the soil.
  • The additives to OBP have undergone eco-toxicological tests, such as seed germination, plant growth, and the survival of organisms, carried out according to the "British National Standards" ON S 2200 and ON S 2300.
  • Products using this technology are fully in line with the existing requirements of the European and American Food & Drug Administration Institutions for contact with food.
  • The technology can be applied to most applications of plastics, from food packaging, through shopping bags, or films in agriculture, to covering films for use in construction and medical applications.


Rolls are packed in PE sheets, stored on a pallet horizontally or vertically, and protected and fixed by a stretch film or palletising hood.


The technology incorporating OBP is designed to replace the current packaging materials and meets customer demands for a product which is more environmentally friendly.

Contact with Foodstuffs

In the uncoloured variant, suitable for direct contact with foodstuff; when pigmented, suitable only up to the pigment concentration limit fixed by the producer.

  • film
  • film double winding
  • tubular film
  • tubular film with side gussets
  • semi-tubular film
  • semi-tubular film with side gussets
  • tubular film 500 - 2100 mm
  • film 170 - 2100 mm
  • semi-tubular film 250 - 2100 mm
  • semi-tubular and tubular film with side gussets circumference 1000 - 6000 mm
  • 0,008 - 0,200 mm
  • paper cores with inside Ø 77 mm
  • plastic cores with inside Ø 76 mm
  • metal cores with inside Ø 76 mm
  • max. 1000 mm
  • 15 - 500 kg
  • corona treatment
  • printing – flexographic printing up to 10 colours
  • perforation
  • punching

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Oxo-biodegradable Films

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