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Quality management

The quality policy of the GRANITOL Company, Moravský Beroun, reflects the interest of senior management in respecting, in their management of the company, the requirements established in the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN 15593:2008.

GRANITOL undertakes the following:

  1. To supply customers with products of a stable quality (to be an eligible supplier for our permanent customers).
  2. Customer satisfaction is the measure of the quality of the products of the company.
  3. Demand and supply procedures must be conducted professionally and must be followed within the agreed deadlines.
  4. To provide our customers with qualified services, including comprehensive services in the use of our products.
  5. To continually improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, to improve the conditions for the product safety according to ČSN EN 15593:2008 and to ensure keeping the right legislation of the Czech Republic and EU.
  6. Trade policy must be based on the availability of the basic range of products and making changes in it through planned innovations, which respond flexibly to new customer demands.
  7. All activities in the company are exercised in accordance with established procedures in order to respect the principles of economy.
  8. Effective motivation and improving the working conditions of our employees to enhance their loyalty and create a stabilised base of qualified personnel.
  9. To permanently increase the technical and utility level of our products to ensure competitiveness in the European market and the prosperity needed to ensure the development of the company.
  10. To ensure and promote the environmental friendliness and safety of our products, including activities related to their collection and recycling.
  11. To promote understanding by all employees of the importance of meeting the requirements of our customers so that customer orientation is an integral part of the philosophy of the management of the organisation.
  12. To constantly enhance the level of expertise and skills of our employees.
  13. Each employee must be able to perform the tasks assigned to him/her and is responsible for the quality of his/her work.
  14. Each employee must be able to recognise quality work from poor-quality work.
  15. Each employee must know how to prevent low-quality work, and what the consequences are of poor-quality work for him and for the company and the customer.

The quality policy is established by a decision of the company management and is binding for all employees.

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