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A great variety of films and packaging is applied in most industrial, agricultural and trade sectors. We produce films for food industry, for packaging of consumer goods, films for production of hygienic disposables. For construction and agriculture, we produce palletizing films, building films and cover films. We supply printed and unprinted bags and advertising carrier bags for the advertising industry, and trade companies. Across all sectors, our PP strapping bands find their use.


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Laminated Films

LAMITEN® is the registered trade name of multilayer films manufactured using solvent-free lamination technology by layering the individual films (two layers – duplex, three layers – triplex). Thanks to lamination, it is possible to combine various materials such as PE, BOPP, CPP, PET, AL, and paper. This leads to maximum utilisation of the properties of the individual layers and therefore each layer fulfils its function in the packaging.

Laminated films are intended for the manufacture of flexible packaging for foodstuffs, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, pet food, etc. The films conform to demanding requirements for barrier properties, health safety, appearance, and functionality. Laminated films are distinguished by high mechanical strength, ruggedness, and environmental resistance. The films are suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. Up to eight colours may be used for printing the films.

Laminated FilmsLaminated Films


  • packaging of foodstuffs (frozen goods, legumes, baked products, savoury and sweet delicacies, cereals, coffee, etc.)
  • packaging of personal care products and cosmetic articles (washing powders, creams, gels)
  • packaging of growing mediums, fertilisers
  • packaging of pet food articles
  • packaging of consumer goods
  • other technical packaging applications


  • film
  • two layers – duplex, three layers – triplex

Material Combinations

  • PE
  • BOPP (transparent, metallised, white, pearlised)
  • CPP
  • PET (transparent, metallised)
  • AL
  • paper


  • 300 – 1300 mm


  • 0,040 – 0,140 mm


  • paper cores with inside Ø 77 mm
  • plastic cores with inside Ø 77 mm

Outside Winding Diameter

  • max. 815 mm

Roll Weight

  • max. 400 kg

Surface Treatment

  • printing – flexographic printing, up to eight colours


The rolls are packed in PE sheets, stored on a pallet horizontally or vertically, and protected and fixed by a stretch film.


  • we recommend storing the films in a closed, roofed-over store
  • the sheets must not be exposed to direct sunlight and other weather conditions; they must not be stored close to direct heat and electricity sources
  • when stored, the film must not come into contact with any chemical substances


The product should be utilised 10 days after the date of manufacture at the earliest in order to ensure sufficient bond strength. Therefore the products are released for dispatch 10 days after manufacture at the earliest. The manufacturer cannot guarantee bond quality in the event of a shorter processing time.


Harmless to the environment, recyclable in the case of PE/PE and PE/PP combinations, the films can be deposited in dumps or combusted, during which no harmful substances are released. Other combinations can only be deposited in dumps or combusted.

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