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A great variety of films and packaging is applied in most industrial, agricultural and trade sectors. We produce films for food industry, for packaging of consumer goods, films for production of hygienic disposables. For construction and agriculture, we produce palletizing films, building films and cover films. We supply printed and unprinted bags and advertising carrier bags for the advertising industry, and trade companies. Across all sectors, our PP strapping bands find their use.


Protective Adhesive Films

GRANOSTICK® protective adhesive films protect the surfaces of plastic boards for industrial applications such as shower and bathtub screens, photo-frame panels, boards for desks and tables, and other applications with further board treatment such as heat moulding (plastic suitcase shells, swimming pools, etc.). It is perfectly suited for transport, storage or other processing of products and goods.

GRANOSTICK® is a registered trade name for multi-layer coextruded films from PE. The film contains sticky component directly in its structure, therefore it doesn´t leave traces of glue after the peel off from the surface of protected object as it can happen with the sticky films with adhesive coating (glue layer).

Thermal resistance of the material is from −50 °C up to +85 °C, it has high resistance to most chemicals at normal and increased temperatures, it has minimal moisture absorption and good electrical insulating properties.

Protective Adhesive FilmsProtective Adhesive Films


  • surface protection of plastic boards (Application: machine coating of a substrate at a temperature of at least 35 °C)
  • use in transport, storing


  • flat film, wound with the adhesive layer inside or outside, according to the customer’s preference
  • adhesiveness is possible to adapt to the customer´s needs
  • uncolored, the colored version is also possible as the customer wishes


  • 1000 – 1350 mm
  • 2000 – 2700 mm
  • smaller width possible – must be discussed with the salesperson


  • 0,030 – 0,080 mm


  • paper cores with inner Ø 77 mm

Outside Winding Diameter

  • 250 – 600 mm

Roll Weight

  • 40 – 250 kg

Film Treatment

  • corona
  • print – simple one color print (e.g. recycling symbol, logo)


reels packed into a sheet and put horizontally onto the pallet, protected and fixed with the stretch film or a palletizing hood


environmentally safe, recyclable, film can be diverted from the landfill or disposed by burning in which arise no environmentally harmful substances

Contact with Foodstuffs

the films are not suitable for direct contact with food

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