The largest producer of PE films in the Czech Republic

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PF 2023 Thanks

21 December 2022

Dear business friends, thank you for your cooperation in 2022. We wish you a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023.

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GRANITOL akciová společnost

Partyzánská 464
793 05 Moravský Beroun


We are the largest manufacturer

of blown PE films and PP strapping bands in the Czech Republic.
Operating on the market for more than 125 years.

Our films are 100% recyclabe

we advocate a shift towards a circular economy.

Wide range of products

for the construction, food, chemical, and automotive industries, agriculture, and the manufacture of hygienie products.

Our own laboratories

are equipped with test and trial equipment.

We are certified

for hygiene management system in manufacture of packages for foodstuf and for ISO 9001.

We can manufacture everything "under one roof"

we will produce the film, print, laminate and weld bags or carrying bags.

GRANITOL akciová společnost

Partyzánská 464, 793 05 Moravský Beroun
Phone: +420 554 780 221, E-mail

Customer zone

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