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Film GRANOTEN® Ok, Om is the registered trade name of non-shrinkable multilayer LDPE films. The films are intended for packaging substrates, soil, peat, fertilizer, and similar bulk materials. The film is available in two colours – black and white, or white and black. Since the films are, because of their intended application, exposed to the elements, it is very important to prolong their life by means of stabilization against UV radiation.

Film GRANOTEN® O is the registered trade name of a non-shrinkable multilayer LDPE film. The films are designed for packing any kind of goods without heat shrinkage, such as hygienic supplies made of paper (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.), briquettes, pellets, or coal, for clothing and printing processes or as a material for lamination.

The thermal resistance of the material is -50 °C to +85 °C. The films have a high resistance to most chemicals and can be welded. Pigmented films have a high impermeability to light. Permeable to CO2 and O2, yet impermeable to water and water vapor. The films can be printed in up to 10 colours.


Rolls are packed in PE sheets and placed horizontally or vertically on a pallet; protected and fixed with stretch film or palletising hood.


Unobjectionable for environment, recyclable, films can be deposited in dumps or combusted – no harmful substances appear.

Contact with Foodstuffs

Some types are suitable for direct contact with food.

  • packaging substrates, soil, peat, or fertilizer
  • packaging hygiene products made of paper
  • packing briquettes, pellets, or coal
  • food packaging
  • packaging of furniture and mattresses
  • apparel and printing processes
  • blank material for laminating
  • packing of any kind of goods without heat shrinkage
  • film
  • semi-tubular film
  • tubular film
  • coloured according to the customer´s requirement
  • width 270 - 2800 mm
  • thickness 0,025 - 0,140 mm
  • paper cores with inside Ø 77 mm and 152 mm
  • plastic cores with inside Ø 76 mm
  • metal cores with inside Ø 76 mm
  • max. 1000 mm
  • 15 - 1100 kg
  • corona treatment
  • print – flexographic print (up to 10 colours)
  • UV stabilization

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Packaging Films Packaging Films

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