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HDPE Anti-scratch Films

HDPE Anti-scratch Films

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Scratch sensitive products can be damaged by packaging material during transport or storage due to friction. These products are typically plastics in automotive and electronic industry. Protection during transport to the next manufacturing operation or during dispatch to the final customer in consumer packaging is essential. MIKROTEN® M*S films with anti-scratch additives are used for packaging of wide range of products with scratch sensitive surface (hardware items, headlights, LCD screens, electronics, etc.). These films can be used as semi-products for other packaging production (e.g. bags).

MIKROTEN® is the registered trade name of HDPE monolayer blown films and represents the famous trademark in the modern history of Granitol Joint Stock Company. MIKROTEN® has become a generic trademark in many states of Central Europe, similar to Xerox or Lux brands.

MIKROTEN® is produced in several varieties. Mechanical properties are determined by used resin. Beside the temperature stability (in the range -50 °C up to +110 °C) these films are resistant against most common chemical substances. MIKROTEN® doesn‘t cause corrosion of packed goods. MIKROTEN® can be welded by heat.

The films do not leak water and protect against moisture. Permeability of water vapour, oxygen, fat, odour or aromatic substances is minimal. Long-term solar exposure causes film degradation due to UV radiation. According to the customer requirement it is possible to extend the life cycle of the film by adding appropriate additives. Permanent slip agents change the film surface properties. Agents are present within the whole product mass not only on the surface layer. No danger that additive migrates and disappears over the time as it is with standard slip agents. Organically modified siloxanes are used as permanent anti-scratch agents.


Rolls are packed in PE sheets and placed horizontally or vertically on pallet; protected and fixed with stretch film or palletising hood.


Unobjectionable for environment, recyclable, films can be deposited in dumps or combusted – no harmful substances appear.

  • packaging of light indicator covers for transport to the car manufacturer
  • packaging of truck tail light covers for transport to the next manufacturing operation
  • packaging of metal-plated plastic speaker for transport to the customer
  • packaging of notebook into anti-scratch bag as a part of package intended for the end-user
  • packaging of remote control intended for the end-user
  • film
  • film double winding
  • tubular film
  • semi-tubular film
  • tubular film 600 – 1600 mm
  • film 170 – 1550 mm
  • semi-tubular film 300 – 1550 mm
  • 0,007 - 0,050 mm
  • paper cores with inside Ø 77 mm and 152 mm

  • max. 1000 mm
  • 11 - 500 kg
  • corona treatment            
  • double-sided corona treatment
  • print – flexographic print (up to 10 colours)

HDPE Anti-scratch Films HDPE Anti-scratch Films

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