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GRANITOL is the largest manufacturer of blown polyethylene films and PP strapping bands in the Czech Republic. However, the company's business activities extend far beyond the territory of the Czech Republic and deep into Central, Eastern, and Western Europe.

The product portfolio includes shrinkable palletising films, films for group packaging, films for the manufacture of boil-in bags, building films, cover films and sheets, films for the manufacture of hygienic disposables, laminated films, laminated Pet Food bags. Also MIKROTEN® HDPE films. LDPE and HDPE films also serve as intermediate products for the production of final products such as wrappers, big bags, bags, shirts and sheets. Professional 10-colour printing is provided on our own flexographic printing machines. A specific production sector is represented by the extrusion of polypropylene (PP) strapping bands.


GRANITOL was first established in Moravský Beroun 125 years ago. In 1895 Moritz Hansel began the "Moravian mechanical weaving factory”, which dealt with the production of artificial leatherette based on nitrocellulose coatings. In 1910 GRANITOL was founded in the family factory, and further developed the production of artificial fabrics, waxed linen and artificial leather. In the first half of the 20th century GRANITOL gradually pursued the production of synthetic suede leather, blinds, floor coverings, leatherette, and fancy welded goods, including the production of hoses and tubes for vacuum cleaners and the production of backing products (PVC on paper and textiles).

Since 1967 GRANITOL has produced LDPE polyethylene films and in 1976 it also expanded its production of HDPE films which was given a bramd name MIKROTEN®.

After privatisation in 1995, the company "Granitol Union" became the majority owner. In 2004, the Slovak investment group SLOVINTEGRA a.s. became the majority owner. Since 2006, SLOVINTEGRA a.s. has been the 100% owner. In the same year, an extensive investment programme was launched, which aims to upgrade the mechanical equipment and expand the production capacity. In May 2014, the company BGA became the sole shareholder.


At the turn of 2011-2012, over 120 million Czech crowns has been invested for the construction of a new production hall, meeting the demanding requirements for the right manufacturing practice and purchasing the technological equipment - a line for the production of films in widths over 2m and adhesive films and 8color printing machine with long rapport. In 2013, another line for the production of HDPE films was purchased.

These significant investment activities increase our production possibilities and expand our product range. In 2015 was purchased laminating machine for production of Laminated Films LAMITEN®. A major competitive advantage is obtaining a Hygiene Management Certificate for production of food packages according to ČSN EN 15593:2008.

In 2016, major investments were initiated, at a cost of more than 140 million CZK. These also included, in addition to the construction of a new production hall that meets the demanding requirements for the production of food packaging foils, the acquisition of new lines for the production of multilayer foils and lines for foil refining. Part of the investment was the acquisition of a five-layer LDPE film blowing line, which was commissioned in early 2017. In the same year, a 10-colour printing machine was acquired.

In early 2019, a line for the production of laminate bags LAMIBAG® was put into operation, primarily for the PetFood segment.

At the end of 2021, we purchased another 10-colour flexographic printing machine.


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Partyzánská 464
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GRANITOL akciová společnost

Partyzánská 464, 793 05 Moravský Beroun
Phone: +420 554 780 221, E-mail

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