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The environmental policy of the GRANITOL Company reflects the interest of senior management in integrating principles of environmental protection into the overall system management. The aim is to create a general awareness of the impact of all the company’s activities on the environment, not only in our region, but also of the need for continuous reduction of the potential effects of manufacturing technology and products on the environmental situation.

The impact of the GRANITOL Company on the environment is described by the following points.

  • Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are the raw materials used in the production process; products from these materials are recyclable.
  • All products are safe for health, do not separate any toxic substances, and meet the conditions for the content of heavy metals.
  • Flexographic colours diluted with alcohol are used for film printing (health and safety is confirmed by the National Health Institute).
  • The GRANITOL Company operates two additional sets of combustion equipment to reduce the leakage of organic solvents (alcohol) into the air and to observe the emission limits for printing film.
  • Wastes generated during manufacturing operations are transferred to organisations authorised to handle them and authorised to dispose of them.
  • The GRANITOL Company is involved in the "Associated Compliance System” of EKO-KOM.
  • The building of the company is not included in any of the groups associated with the prevention of serious accidents caused by selected dangerous chemical substances and chemical products.
  • The GRANITOL Company is not even in the regime under the "Act on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control and Integrated Pollution Register" (IPPC), which is an implementation of EU Council Directive No. 96/61/EC.

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GRANITOL akciová společnost

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